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Summary of Some of Our SPI Materials

Find more info here.
  • EMAIL PACKET – Email letter with multiple attachments
  • STANDARD PRAYERCORD ENVELOPE with materials for launching a PrayerCord with a total of three people of one gender (as a Grassroots launch, or a launch with two people at your church)
  • SPI SMALL GROUPS ENVELOPE can be used with an existing or a new small group. Please tell us how many people are in the existing small group, or if you are starting a new small group how many people are you thinking you might have.
  • FULL PACKET/ENVELOPE, that has too much information in it, but is perfect for a few of you who like to dig into all of the details.
  • 1 OR MORE TRIPLE 7  PRAYER PACKETS, a group of stapled together materials that can easily jumpstart your prayer life and/or give you a more strategic prayer life, by using a seven minute a day strategy that very easily moves you into hugely more kingdom focused prayer!
  • ENVELOPE OF  SPI COLOR CODED MASTERS to aid you in understanding SPI and utilizing SPI materials. The last envelop can be added to any of the above requests.

Join our weekly conference call!

Find more info here.

Below are details about joining our weekly conference call.

Please also be aware that we make a weekly conference call available on Thursday nights at / 9:30 pm Eastern Time / 8:30 pm Central / 7:30 pm Mountain / 6:30 pm Pacific.

Someone will be available on these calls for at least 10 minutes. If no one has called in by then, the call will end at that time (until the following week).  These calls are available to anyone.

The purpose of these calls is so that individuals, or prayer teams, can ask general and/or specific questions concerning getting into a PrayerCord, or launching a PrayerCords Ministry, or a SPI Small Group’s Ministry, or becoming part of The 5Y80 Objective.

To participate in the weekly conference call, use the following phone number 520.525.8587.

Help Us Spread The Movement

Become An SPI Donor

No donation is too small!

Finally, please consider becoming a monthly donor of just $1.99 or $2.99 per month, which helps us to send out SPI materials with little or no cost.  This mission is so difficult to achieve, that if we charge everyone for everything, we will lose large numbers who might have been helped otherwise.

Having many small donors is immensely helpful in all the work SPI is doing to try to wake the sleeping giant, and have a chance to help change the country via prayer!

If you believe in prayer and want to try to raise up huge amounts of additional prayer in the US, please form a PrayerCord, a SPI Small Group, or a 5y80 Team.   Additionally, will you pray about becoming a monthly donor of $1.99 or $2.99, which is only $23.88 or $35.88 a year respectively, it really is a very manageable sum.  We will need some large donors, or tens-of-thousands of these super-small donors to actually have what we will need to try to pull off the 5y80 Objective.  Yes, God is the ultimate provider, but often he works through people like you.

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