Love To Pray | Devo

Love to Pray is a 40-day prayer devotional that we have found unparalleled in its ability to help new or seasoned Christ followers to gather a deeper understanding concerning what makes up a “Good Prayer Life.”   The vast majority of those using the 40-day prayer devotional, Love to Pray, have found it truly excellent.  After reading it, an assistant pastor at an Illinois church asked for 20 copies to give to people in his small group.  An elder at that same church (after reading Love to Pray) asked to purchase 100 copies to give to people he knew.  Additionally, the pastor of a church in the Midwest (where we used Love to Pray with his entire congregation) told us that he showed it to a group of other pastors who he met with regularly and told them “this booklet contains everything you want your people to know about prayer.”  Although most Christian books only sell about 2,000 copies, Love to Prayer has sold well over 100,000 copies. Feel free to contact us at the “Contact” dropdown menu and we can assist you in getting copies of this at very competitive rates.