Diagnostic Surveys

There are two current types of SPI surveys/questionnaires.  A third one, the longest, is not typically used anymore, but was integral in doing the research that was used in creating, testing, and refining, the main SPI tools.  Regarding the two current surveys/questionnaires, we always suggest using one of the two with people you are trying to help grow spiritually.  Our recommendation is that you use the one-page (two sided) 14-Question version.

The ease of use and ease of tabulation make this our go-to main option.  Nevertheless, the second option (which has two pages stapled together) will give you some excellent additional information concerning your friends’, group members’, or congregations’ views of prayer and some aspects of spiritual warfare.

A document in black and white with transparent background

Diagnostic Surveys Downloads

When you download Diagnostic Surveys, you will receive a printable survey  your or your team can utilize with individuals or groups, instructions for use with a group, and an actual Survey Results Report with results from another church for comparison.