Yellow Sheet Prayer Teams

Yellow Sheets derive their name from the easy to identify color of paper they are typically printed on, when not used with electronic devices.  Team-Yellow Sheets give the 31 team members the opportunity to have one key prayer request, for any non-health subject, and one pre-saved individual, prayed daily for either nine (9) or 12 months.  The effort involved by each team member is only one minute a day and 20-30 minutes once each month, on their designated day.  In return for that modest monthly effort, they get their prayer requests prayed 500 times with a nine-month team or over 500 times with a 12-month team.

Prayer requests making up a Team-Yellow Sheet must stay on the Yellow Sheets Master Prayer List (MPL) until the end of the nine or 12 months.  Although they can be replaced if answered.   One of the two main purposes of Yellow Sheet Prayer Teams is to help document some answers to prayer, as an encouragement to others to pray more! [We suggest that you use the third download “DOWNLOAD I SAMPLE TEAM” as a template for creating your own Team-Yellow Sheet Master Prayer List, keeping some of the information on the beginning of the document, and all of the information at the end of the document, and then filling the middle in with your 31 prayer requests and your 31 Pre-saved individuals i.e. Un-saved individuals.]