QuickCheck Card

A powerful yet simple tool for understanding where the people in your church are at regarding critical aspects of fighting the spiritual battle (a battle all true Christians are currently engaged in).

“Central Realities” Workshop Materials, and “Good Prayer Life” materials are available to help strengthen your peoples’ understanding of the Biblical/theological reason for using the QuickCheck Card for measuring progress.  [The three (3) main questions from the QuickCheck Card are the driving elements behind the 5Y80TM Objective, which is a plan for greatly expanded prayer lives.]

A document in black and white with transparent background


These downloads offer you a master for printing four QuickCheck Cards at a time (front and back) as well as a Tabulation Guide to help you with your QuickCheck Card use.  The three primary questions on this card, make up the Iron Triangle of Spiritual Warfare, and are strategically formulated to help church leaders better understand where their people are at concerning their effectiveness in prayer.  Furthermore, they are proven to be able to drive real change/growth.  [For the first six to eight weeks you use the QuickCheck Card, we suggest that you print them on nice quality cardstock.  We especially like the tan parchment looking cardstock.  This is suggested because it allows the cards to have some additional professionalism based on their appearance.  After these initial six to eight weeks of use (when people will have become familiar with the process), you can change to a less expensive cardstock or maybe even colored paper.  This is just a suggestion.]