Strategic Prayer Data Sheets

This is a monthly prayer guide made up of different data fields for each day of the month (75% of this guide changes each month).  This tool allows the majority of your people to have a much greater prayer reach on behalf of the USA and the world, or the UK and the world, depending on which version you have selected.

Due to SPI doing most of the work to create and/or gather these 31 prayer points, and then consolidating them (to a single sheet of paper, or electronic file), people can pray much more strategically, yet with only about one minute a day of demand placed on their lives.  This prayer guide is sometimes known as the “Pink SheetTM” due to (when being used in print form) typically being printed on pink paper.  This color is one of the two easiest colors to recognize or locate.

A document in black and white with transparent background


“The greatest impact any of us can have on Christ’s global cause is to be involved in consistent prayer for the whole world and to teach other Christians how to pray this way.” David Bryant 

This free download offers you 31 prayers for your community, country, and the world. These simple prayers will help you immediately enhance your prayer life and help users reach new depths in their relationship with the Lord.