Under this menu we will be building a group of SPI Training Videos to help you to better understand SPI Materials, how to print them up yourselves, and how to implement them.  New tutorials will be added to this list from time to time:

Early Strategic Prayer Initiative Workshop

Accident Video 1

Accident Video 2

Up-to-date SPI Audio Podcast 1 of 3 – Waking the Sleeping Giant

Up-to-date SPI Audio Podcast 2 of 3 – The Value Of Prayer Partners

Up-to-date SPI Audio Podcast 3 of 3 – Devotion and Delight

Note: If you go to the Contact Page, and scroll down to the bottom, there is information about a weekly Thursday evening conference call.  These calls (in addition to the video tutorials) can also be helpful in answering questions about SPI and The 5y80 Objective.