Silver Bullets Prayer Teams (SBTs)

A very helpful tool designed to tap all key Scriptural truths about prayer, to help a set list of prayer requests have a better possibility of a positive answer from the Lord, and to document the answers for the purpose of encouraging other believers to pray more.

Silver Bullets Teams are made up of 31 individuals and stay in effect for either nine (9) or 12 months.   Prayer evangelism is also a central feature of this tool; each team member gets to list (one prayer request and) two unsaved family, friends, or acquaintances to receive major prayer on behalf of their salvation.

A document in black and white with transparent background

Silver Bullets Prayer Teams Downloads

When you open the Silver Bullets Prayer Teams’ downloads you will receive a short summary of the Silver Bullet Prayer Teams, along with a copy of the Index that applies to the information coded into the Master Prayer List (MPL), concerning each of the 62 unsaved individuals who are listed on the Master Prayer List.