Your Prayer Cord Downloads

Main Downloads

  1. Very Short Summary of the PrayerCords and Testimonials from PrayerCord Users
  2. Blue Card Master (makes 2 copies, 2 sides) – Contains Easy Daily Prayers and Monthly Tracking Questions (For Cords and SPI Small Groups)
  3. Beige Card Master (makes 4 copies, 1 sided) – Cord Signup Cards
  4. Full Instructions for Prayer Cords and SPI Small Groups
  5. PrayerCords Confidentiality Cards (makes 6 copies, 1 sided)
  6. SPI Small Groups Confidentiality Cards (make 4 copies, 1 side)
  7. Yellow Tracking Card for PrayerCords (makes 4 copies, 1 sided)
  8. Long-Yellow Tracking Card for SPI Small Groups and 5y80 Teams (makes 3 copies, 2 sides)
  9. Longer Explanation of PrayerCords  
  10. Supplemental Prayer Guide – Optional aid to be used with the Pink Sheets (i.e. the monthly Strategic Prayer Data Sheets)
  11. Chapter-A-Day Reading Chart (Generic Version)
  12. What Does it Take to Have a Good Prayer Life?